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Welcome to Xian Urban Adventures, an extraordinary selection of local tours in Xian! As the ancient capital of China with more than 5000 years history, Xi'an traces its glory back through many dynasties. From the world famous Terracotta Warriors to the best preserved city wall in the country this city from which the Silk Road began has much to offer to the visitor. Many cultures and civilizations meet here in areas such as the Muslim Quarter with its Great Mosque and the city's tombs and temples.

On our unique Xian tours, explore alleys and broad city streets on foot, circumnavigate the city wall by bike or take in Xi'an through your senses - the unique local flavours will be sure to tantalise your tastebuds as you immerse yourself in all that Xi'an has to offer.

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Muslim Quarter tour in Xian Real Xi’an Gourmet
from 1 review
From USD 52.00

You may not associate mosques and Muslims with China, but Xi’an is home to some fine examples of Islamic architecture and a strong Muslim community. On this Xi’an tour you’ll explore the Muslim Quarter area, meet the Hui minority, and feast on street food and a traditional banquet. 


Active Xian tour in Xian Active Xian
From USD 49.00

Mingle in a typical Xi'an morning, try your hands at a Ping Pong game with your guide and some locals, cycle on the most intact city wall in China, explore the back streets inside the city wall for a real perspective of local life, and learn about the local religion in a Taoist temple.


Xian International Lantern Festival
[ 26/01/2015 - 27/02/2015 ]

The Lantern Festival takes place on the last day of Chinese New Year. Xian celebrates this with an International Festival lasting a month!



Xian International Calligraphy Festival
Place: Xian - [ 26/03/2015 ]

Among Chinese calligraphers' circles, Xian calligraphy is reputed as the highest level in China. There are a lot of famous calligraphers here throughout history and now.

As a very famous international Calligraphy festival, it is held annually in the last week of March in Xian. The Xian International Calligraphy Festival is a very important annual activity to enhance the exchange and mutual understanding of calligraphy art in the world.

Ancestor Worship in Mausoleum of the Yellow Emperor
[ 04/04/2015 ]

This festival commemorates the ancestor of the Han Chinese people - the "Yellow Emperor" who is considered to have united the tribes of China around 5000 years ago

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The Incredible Dollhouse Explosion of Xian

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Ms. Andrea C.
26 May 2014
Loved seeing a different side to China - the Muslim quarter was a great experience, lots of local food, chance to try new things and ask our guide what everything was! Would have liked more street food to be included on the way as opposed to a bigger restaurant meal at the end, but it was all delicious anyway!

Xi'an Urban Adventures

Xi'an Urban Adventures unlock the secrets of the oldest capital of the most populous country on earth. Join us on a Xi'an tour to get under the ancient skin of this silk road city, experience local life and customs and be amazed by the food and vibrant culture of today's China.


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